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Your hearing aid recommendation is the Bernafon Chronos 7

Based on your responses, your hearing aid recommendation is the Bernafon Chronos 7. You will be sent an email with the following information and more.

This hearing aid was recommended to you as it offers the wearer an extremely clear, crisp sound and is priced extremely competitively in the Australian market. It also has excellent noise reduction features which is important to those who lead and active lifestyle.

The Chronos 7 has Bernafon’s new Audio Efficiency processor on board, which has the following features:

» Channel Free signal processing – which anlayses the sound coming into the hearing aid a phenomenal 20,000 times per second. With this processing power, each spearate speech sound is analysed and treated separately to ensure nothing is missed or underamplified. This extremely fast sound processing and is what gives the Chronos 7 such a clear and natural sound.

»  The Audio Efficiency chip also has an industry best feedback management system in it, which allows for more open fits and therefore more natural sound coming into the ear canal. The hearing aids monitor for feedback every 25 milliseconds, and tracks the the incoming sound signal to eliminate feedback often before it is even audible to the user. This new and improved system is a big plus for the Chronos range over many other hearing aids at present.

» The Bernafon Chronos 7 also has excellent noise reduction features for people who lead moderately active lifestyles. Not only does it actively seek and reduce background noise in crowds, it will also reduce wind noise and very fast impact sounds (like cutlery for example) which are traditionally very annoying for hearing aid users.

Overall, the Chronos 7 is a very advanced hearing aid, is extremely easy to use, and best of all, they are very competitively priced for its feature set.

Bernafon Chronos 7 Hearing Aid Prices – It is placed in the upper mid range technology category, however I do know of some providers who are pricing these devices over $7000. The variation in this price is due to the profit margins of some hearing clinics being higher than others.

Australian Hearing Aid Prices Guide (for a pair of fully digital hearing aids):

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If you would like us to contact our Australia wide network of independent clinics and find you the best price on this device at a clinic near you, please click here. Alternatively, if you have any further questions about the this hearing aid or the Virtual Hearing Aid Specialist, please feel free to contact us.