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Your hearing aid recommendation is the Unitron Moxi 12

Based on your responses, your digital hearing aid recommendation is the Unitron Moxi 12 (or Quantum 12 if you prefer an in-the-ear style).

This device is recommended to you as it is one of the best priced hearing aids on the Australian hearing aid market today. They are very discreet devices, cover all hearing losses, and have excellent features to help reduce extraneous background noise for their price range. These hearing aids are Unitron’s mid-level devices, but still have many top end features.

The Unitron Moxi 12 hearing aids have 12 channels and an impressive list of noise features to enable you very good speech clarity in a wide  range of listening conditions. They also have binaural synchronisation, which enables the devices to make  processing decisions based on the input from both hearing aids.

The Moxi 12 noise reductions features are very impressive, including include multi-channel adaptive directionality, speech enhancement and noise reduction. Unitron’s signature Smart FocusTM feature replaces a traditional volume control to give you control over comfort vs clarity balance, allowing the user to control if speech is enhanced or noise is reduced depending on the environment they are in.

Key features of the Unitron Moxi 12 for you:

Great value for money – one of the best priced devices on the Australian hearing aid market

12 channels sound processing for improved clarity and finer noise reduction.

SmartFocus to enable user to increase clarity or comfort depending on the situation.

Next generation feedback manager to stop annoying whistling.

Wireless technology available for phone, TV, computer or mp3 player, streamed directly into your hearing aids.

Multiband adaptive directional microphone, speech enhancement and noise reduction for improved clarity in background noise

AntiShock™  for reduction of annoying fast impact sounds (eg cutlery at a restaurant)

Wind noise manager

The Unitron Moxi is the perfect device mid range device if you are in easy to moderate listening situations, and are on a budget. Some competing manufacturers have similar devices for $500 to $1000+ more.

Unitron Moxi / Quantum 20 Hearing Aid Prices - These devices are placed in the lower mid range technology category, and could be at either end of this prange listed below. Most affiliate independent clinics of Digital Hearing Aids Australia have them at the lower end of this range, somewhere around the $3700 mark. The variation in this price is due to the profit margins of some hearing clinics being higher than others.

Australian Hearing Aid Prices Guide (for a pair of fully digital hearing aids):

Technology Level

Prices From ($AUD)

Prices To ($AUD)




Upper Mid Range



Lower Mid Range






If you would like us to contact our Australia wide network of independent clinics and find you the best price on this device at a clinic near you, please click here. Alternatively, if you have any further questions about the this hearing aid or the Virtual Hearing Aid Specialist, please feel free to contact us.